3 different ways to stack rings

24 August
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I’ve always been a fan of feminine delicate pieces especially when it comes to rings. I love how the options are endless when it comes to stacking. One fine morning I met with the lovely designer Jennie Kwon for some coffee and pastries , and immediately fell in love with not only her entire collection but also her as a person. We instantly connected on a few things- motherhood (she gave me a lot of helpful tips), being korean americans, and of course our similar taste in jewelry. So I wanted to introduce you to her beautiful collection along with some tips & secrets on stacking on your rings. Believe it or not there is some sort of strategy behind the stacks I wear everyday.

My Everyday Stack

I like to call this my everyday stack because it’s not only the easiest to do, but also the most understated. Stacking your thinnest and most delicate rings one on top of each other is subtle enough to wear with any look. Sometimes I like to add a little pop of color with one of my rings to make it the focal point! This is usually my every day ring look because it’s so simple and classic.

The Statement Stack

Usually on the days where my outfits are more simple, and I want the focal point to be on my accessories I like to venture off with more statement pieces. Mixing rings can be difficult, and especially when you’re putting together different shapes, it can be tricky. What I do is I put all the statement rings on the bottom, and thinner rings on top to balance it out.

The Matchy Matchy Stack

Now this last one is one of my best kept secrets when it comes to mixing rings. I love mixing rings that have similar shapes and stones to bring unity to a bolder stack. I like wearing this for a more formal event with a dress because these rings look like a cohesive collection and can really elevate any look!

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